Virginia is for Lovers, not Litter

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New laws

New laws are helping fight litter in the Commonwealth. In 2021, the Virginia General Assembly increased the litter tax payment for businesses and also increased the fines for those who litter. Litterers can be fined from $500 for a first offense to $2,500 and community service for subsequent offenses.

Virginia and heart

The Virginia Department of Transportation created Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter to raise awareness about Virginia’s litter challenge and to promote ways to preserve Virginia's picturesque roadways, landscapes and views.

Garbage and heart

Virginia has no love for litter, which is why Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter aims to spark the conversation about keeping our beloved state litter-free. More trash cans and litter pick-up events are not the only solutions. We believe more pride, responsibility and love for Virginia is what it takes to keep it exquisite.

Map and heart

We want others to feel Virginia’s love, too. Tourism is a key economic driver for Virginia, and we want to leave a lasting impression on our guests. Virginia should be remembered for its beauty, hospitality and people – not for its litter.

Pen and heart

Be a lover, not a litterer. Take the No Love for Litter Pledge and encourage others to spread the love, not litter, on Virginia’s roadways.

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